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 Lily-Flame candles are one of mochaberry's best selling candles that our customers come back for time after time. They smell as good as they look and you don't even have to burn them if you don't want to, just take the lid off and they will quickly fragrance any room. There is a range of lovely different fragrances. Such a perfect gift to give or just a lovely fragrance for your own home. Go on treat yourself!

Fairy Dust Lily-Flame Candle
Fairy Dust Lily-Flame candle (invisible & true) ...
Over the Moon! Lily-Flame Candle
Over the Moon! Lily-Flame candle Now is the Happiest Time of your Life! ...
Blush! Lily-Flame Candle
Blush! Lily-Flame candle The first kiss - of the night! ...
Coffee Galore! Lily-Flame Candle
Coffee Galore Lily-Flame candle (Freshly Roasted) ...
Mango Fandango Lily-Flame Candle
Mango Fandango Lily-Flame candle (Hot, Hot, Hot!) ...
Crushed Almonds Lily-Flame Candle
Crushed Almonds Lily-Flame candle (sweet and bright) ...
Summer Pudding Lily-Flame Candle
Summer Pudding Lily-Flame candle A succulent blend of Apples and ...
Parma Violets Lily-Flame Candle
Parma Violets Lily-Flame candle (All Sweetness & Light) ...
Daisy Dip Lily-Flame Candle
Daisy Dip Lily-Flame candle (In a Faraway Field) ...
Bluebell Forest Lily-Flame Candle
Bluebell Forest Lily-Flame candle (Dew drops on your shoes) ...
Rose Petals Lily-Flame Candle
Rose Petals Lily-Flame candle (A Delicate Handful) ...
White Lily Lily-Flame Candle
White Lily Lily-Flame candle In Twilight's magic hour ...

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